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Burning Crusade Classic Reputations

The Burning Crusade Classic is the addon that is built around farming reputations. Everything from powerful gear up to access to the heroic dungeons and raids would require you to boost TBC classic reputation to Exalted. Buying the Vanilla version of Burning Crusade rep carry will save you insane amounts of time and free you from the unnecessary grind!

TBC Classic Reputation Boost Explained

Let's face it, everything in the original Burning Crusade was somehow tied to the particular reputation with some weird faction. Lower City, Sporeggar, Consortium all of those were so needed that you couldn’t play the game without boosting it to exalted.

Of course, you could just skip those insane amounts of farming needed to do so, but then you would lack the reputation rewards, equipment, and some important recipes for your main profession. See how important TBC rep grinding is? Not yet? Then have a look at what reputations in TBC can get you:

  • TBC Reputation epic gear and weapons;
  • Classic Burning Crusade rep recipes;
  • unlocking of faction-based tabards;
  • raid attunements;
  • heroic Dungeons Keys (access);
  • TBC Classic rep mounts;
  • powerful enchants;
  • Vanilla BC reputation quests and events.

As seen from the above information reputations are crucial for every playing who wishes to succeed in the new world of Burning Crusade Classic. But what if you don’t have hours and hours to farm out dungeons or simply grind mobs to get that low-drop item that can help you to carry TBC Classic's reputation to the next level?

Then there are two options that incorporate a long way and a pretty nice shortcut. With the release of TBC Classic, you will have a chance to level your character for another 10 levels and during this process, you should not be focusing on experience.

Let us explain, the more reputation you can get during the leveling the better it will work out for you in the later stages of this expansion. Forget about the fast rush to 70 and grind our your rep in the process. Complete the dungeons, do all the TBC Classic reputation quests that you can find to max out each of the faction reputations. Tho would give you a nice boost that you can carry with you further into the addon.

Although it is a good option it also has its drawbacks:

  • the leveling process will take much longer;
  • you may fall bacon progress and lose the advantage;
  • you might be late for the gearing up activities;
  • you might be ganked in the process by high-level characters.

The other option is to simply buy the Burning Crusade reputation boosting service and allow our professiona rep carry team to help you get to exalted. This way you can rush to level 70 and get geared up while our booster will grind reputation for you while you relax in your own free time.

The TBC rep carry is the fastest way to get to the required reputation, unlock heroic dungeons and get the raid attunements. We can vouch for every one of our boosters as some of them have been playing World of Warcraft since the actual Burning Crusade and still got all the knowledge of the fastest ways to level up the reputation.

Perhaps you wonder what reputations are must-have at the beginning of TBC? Them you should keep on reading as we will give you the full starter reputation guide in a brief and easy to grasp form.

Main Classic TBC Reputations to Boost

In the following guide, we will not touch the high-level reputations such as Neherwings and Ogri'la as they have to be farmed on level 70 and do not affect the general gameplay at the beginning of the expansion. Here we will focus on the key Burning Crusade Classic reputations that you will need to boost in order to unlock your further progression and get the most out of your character.

So what reputations should you farm out first in the TBC Classic? Here is the full list in the order that we think you should go for:

  1. Honor Hold / Thrallmar.
  2. Cenarion Expedition.
  3. Keepers of Time.
  4. Lower City.
  5. The Sha'tar.
  6. Aldor/Scryer.
  7. Sporeggar.
  8. Maghar/Kurenei.
  9. Consortium.
  10. The Violet Eye.

You might ask why this is the main reputation to grind in Burning Crusade and not something like The Mag'har/Kurenai, Netherwing, The Scryers, or Sha'tari Skyguard? The answer is simple, those are the extra hard reputations to grind that add very little to the overall power of your character and mostly provide with a more cosmetic advantage.

All TBC classic reputation rewards can be found on the specialized websites and at the quartermasters in the Outland therefore we will not take more of your time with this potless information. Just to let you know that the main reason to get reputation in Burning Crusade Classic is the obtainment of the Dungeon unlocking keys and raid attunements.

Here are the heroic keys we are talking about here:

Those TBC keys unlock the heroic version of the dungeons, which are the best way to farm more reputation and to get the high-level gear to prepare for the future raiding.

How to farm reputation in TBC Classic?

Oh, this one is pretty simple you may just opt for purchasing the TBC reputation carry service that we have for sale here and don't bother about the ways and means of actually grinding it. However, if you still would like to get information on where to get a particular faction rep in the Burning Crusade Classic then this list is right for you.

Ways to farm rep in Vanilla TBC:

  • grind normal & heroic dungeons related to specific faction;
  • farm mobs to get quest items that grant you rep points;
  • complete the faction story questlines;
  • do the TBC Classic daily quests;
  • kill mobs of a specific type to get reputation as a reward.

As you may have noticed there are no fast ways to grind reputation in the Classic Burning Crusade and therefore we can 100% guarantee that buying a rep boosting service would save you lots of time and help avoid unnecessary stress


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