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Quite recently a brand-new MMO in a colonization era setting has been released to the masses with its inherent trappings: pirates, conquistadors, guns, edged weapons, island, sieges and ships, ancient magic. Unlike so many MMO RPGs, in New World Boosting Service all can try out all available content from about mid-level leveling — any can visit first dungeons, take part in PvP, go crafting. However, all these activities are much more enjoyable and also interesting at the maximum character development stage.



The innovative process, declared by the developer, involves the possibility of New World Leveling in any way. You can kill hundreds of enemies, go on expeditions, or even get experience to learn professions. Upgrading is a very long and very time-consuming process, which is facilitated by a factors number:

  • New World is an unexplored game, where users thousands rush in hope of getting maximum level among first;
  • The system itself does not allow ungrouped characters to manipulate objects/monsters. Hence, possible lack of resources plus enemies;
  • An option to enable PvP mode — in which case, users fight with aggressive players;
  • It's not the best class balance. Healers initially have a much harder swing than a warrior or gunner.

Considering that, the game is now — with leveling up in a New World, there are some problems. One of the best ways to avoid them is to contact ExpCarry, a service that provides New World boosting services. For more information, contact a manager on Site or on Discord.




Main parameters in New World: Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, Constitution, Focus upgraded by the hero himself for points that he gets when moving to a new level. Choose wisely — New World boost has its specific development system, so all can easily screw up your character.

As for secondary skills — things are different here: become a weapon master, players spend months slaying monsters around the continent, getting points for weapons, and putting them into one of two development branches. It is not possible to select both, and a special New World currency is required for redistribution.

The weapon skills upgrading process is almost as difficult as leveling — users spend a lot of time killing numerous enemies. In this case, the most effective option to start a game with an upgraded skill — buy New World boosting, available to any user. All is needed to do — contact an ExpCarry manager, ask for details and wait for the result.


At the release time, there are a total of 16 possible professions to choose from, divided into a gathering — 4, Refining — 5, and Crafting — 7.

One of the hardest things in the New World now is to level up your chosen profession. It takes a ton of time also effort to achieve maximum proficiency. Even with a relatively low populated server, not to mention games start — there are a huge number of gamers wanting to upgrade their skills plus gain an advantage as quickly as possible.

New World profession's system is much more extensive than in other MMO — collect necessary resources from one profession, process them another and only then create desired items, raising skill in third. In other words, access to the best New World armor and weapons goes through three difficult stages — not everyone has the patience to reach the end.

Items created vary in quality, from ordinary gray to legendary orange. Here are a few examples of the coolest items that created with professions in the New World:

  • Flawless Grand master's Spear;
  • Honor bound Rapier;
  • Opus blade.

For those who want to see real growth of their hero's power, ExpCarry service offers the best option of professional development — New World Boost. To get it, just contact the manager, clarify all details and also make a purchase!


At times of release, 6 expeditions are available to complete. Each one differs challenged, the content offered, and final rewards:

  • Amrine Excavation — Excavation of an ancient temple, accessible by groups of 5 gamers level 25 also above;
  • Starstone Barrows — first expedition continuation, but for a group of 3-5 gamers level 35+;
  • The Depth — minimum group size to pass be three people, the level threshold is 45+. Some good New World armor and weapons drop inside.
  • The Dynasty Shipyard is a dungeon designed for a group of players 55+. The minimum composition is 3 people. Inside — medium quality items suitable for almost every chosen character development;
  • Garden of Genesis — Expedition for max-level heroes, inside which heroes can take valuable rewards. The minimum group size is 3;
  • The Lazarus Instrumentality — finally important New World dungeon. Recommended level — 60, group size — 3 people, inside — legendary items plus materials for professions.

New World Expeditions — similar dungeons in other MMOs, but they are much more complex and interesting in content terms: participants interact with the surrounding area, solving secrets, various traps and mazes, strong enemies, and bosses. Even getting into an expedition –the task is difficult because opening requires a special key, which is issued only once, in other cases, it has been created in their hands.

The reward for group torment — equipment, experience, and resources for making things. The fastest and most effective way to complete an expedition and get rewarded is buy New World Boosting from ExpCarry! Our team consists only of proven artists who guarantee results just in time!




As of the New World release, PvP mode offers a limited number of activities for those who love to cross blades with other players. Battle fans can take part in:

  • Battles for control points located in specific territories. The victorious side gets a fort, valuable rewards, and a nice bonus of increased experience points plus influence. It's easy enough to get involved — need to take close to a location where your chosen faction is already laying siege;
  • According to battlegrounds where teams of 20 by 20 people meet. Upon entering battlegrounds, gamers must perform a variety: kill enemy characters, gather resources, surrender them and capture certain objects. New World battlegrounds are the ability to build and improve fortifications, fight mini-bosses and also enlist the strong allay help. All can enter solo as well as in groups of five.

Combat against real players has always relied heavily on management skills, and battles in a largely uncharted game are far more challenging and also demanding. Our experienced PvP wizards are ready to take responsibility for a successful battle completion — just contact the ExpCarry manager, clarify all the nuances and buy New World Boost for the PvP game aspect.


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