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What WoW TBC Classic Power Leveling Services Are Offered

From Vanilla World of Warcraft to WoW Burning Crusade, there is no fundamental change in the leveling process. Instead, the level cap is simply raised to 70. This means higher attributes, new abilities, and new talents and more points for classes to allocate in their respective trees.


Newer players, however, should not think that leveling ten levels is not a lot. This is a World of Warcraft Classic experience, so leveling is not going to be as streamlined as . Some would even say that it is harder to level from 60 to 70 than it is to level from 1 to 30 or even to 40. Thus, it shouldn’t come as a surprise why a lot of players choose to pay for power leveling services instead. This is even truer for players that only joined now and will be starting at level 1.

While some players avail of Power Leveling Services because of the sheer amount of time and patience needed to get to the cap, there are those that get it despite their willingness to grind. World of Warcraft’s player base has aged along with the game and now have real-life responsibilities. As such,

Thankfully, there are those that offer WoW TBC Classic Power Leveling Service. This service comes in many forms, and they are as follows:

  • Level 1-70 Powerleveling

    The most extensive power leveling, this is for either new players or new characters.
  • Level 58-70 Powerleveling

    Just enough to get to the level cap, it is faster and cheaper and intended for those that have at least reached level 57.
  • Reputation Powerleveling

    Boosts reputation on behalf of the player; this works for certain factions and areas.
  • Quest Powerleveling

    Not exactly Power Leveling, it tasks the power leveler to do the quest or many quests on the buyer’s behalf.
  • Hunter’s Pet Powerleveling

    Increases the level of the hunter’s pet, making it a more valuable and powerful partner, and in turn, the hunter as a whole.
  • Profession’s Powerleveling

    The power leveler levels up a profession (Alchemy, Blacksmithing, Cooking, Engineering, Herbalism, Mining, and many others) on the buyer’s behalf.
  • PVP Powerleveling

    Have one’s PVP rank increased by a power leveler, allowing the buyer to unlock exclusive PVP-related perks.
  • Currency Powerleveling

    Also known as WoW gold farming, this is for those that would rather have someone farm in their stead rather than buy WoW gold.

There is also the WoW TBC Classic Raid Service. With this, the buyer’s account will be piloted by a player that is a part of a raid static or a guild and then run raids and dungeons on their behalf until what’s been requested has been fulfilled. Those offering this service usually let the buyer determine the terms, and the power leveler/pilot will then decide whether they will accept it, accept it but for a higher price, or reject it altogether.

How The Price of WoW TBC Power Leveling Services

Buyers need to know that power levelers have the freedom to set the terms of the service, including the price. Thankfully, most of them set their prices fairly and would base them on objective factors such as how fast the process will be and how many levels will be grinded for, how many raids or quests will be accomplished, or how much WoW gold will be farmed.


At the same time, buyers can talk to the power leveler and negotiate the terms. They can ask for more levels/quests/raids and/or a shorter leveling/piloting process for a higher price, or a longer process or fewer levels for a lower price. It is then up to the power leveler whether he or she will accommodate such a request.

Once both parties are in agreement, the power leveling process will commence. The account will be returned once it’s done, with the buyer confirming that the terms have been met.  

New Burning Crusade Races and Power Leveling

Another big change that the expansion to the metagame and the way factions work are the respective new races that are both added to their ranks. For the Alliance, it’s the Draenei, while the Horde got themselves the Blood Elf.

Both races are more closely related to the opposing faction, but due to the events that transpired in Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne, they have changed allegiances. Apart from being thematic and aesthetic odd ones out, these races play a valuable role, as the faction they’re in gets access to a class that was exclusive to the other.

However, because they are new, players that choose them will have to start at level 1. For those that want to be a part of these new races and provide for the Alliance and Horde their unique abilities but do not have time to grind, Power Leveling is a great option.


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