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Guide to Obtain WOW Classic Coin of Ancestry via Honoring Elders

WOW Classic Coin of Ancestry is a currency available in Lunar Festival holiday event. You can obtain it via Honoring Elders in Kalimdor, Eastern Kingdoms and Northrend. Here we provide the locations of all elders. 

Honoring elders in Kalimdor for WOW Classic Coin of Ancestry 


You can get Coin of Ancestry by honoring elders in Kalimdor. And the locations of elders are listed below: 
Elder Bladeleaf: at 57.0, 53.0 in Teldrassil
Elder Bladesing: at 53.0, 35.5 in Silithus 
Elder Bloodhoof: at 48.3, 53.4 in Mulgore
Elder Brightspear: at 53.2, 56.8 in Winterspring 
Elder Dreamseer: at 51.3, 27.8 in Tanaris
Elder Grimtotem: at 76.7, 37.9 in Feralas 
Elder High Mountain: at 41.5, 47.5 in Southern Barrens 
Elder Mistwalker: at 62, 31 in Feralas 
Elder Moonwarden: at 48.5, 59.3 in Northern Barrens
Elder Morningdew: at 77.1, 75.6 in Thousand Needles
Elder Nightwind: at 38.3, 52.9 in Felwood
Elder Primestone: at 30.8, 13.3 in Silithus 
Elder Ragetotem: at 37.2, 79.1 in Tanaris 
Elder Riversong: at 35.6, 48.9 in Ashenvale
Elder Runetotem: at 53.2, 43.6 in Durotar
Elder Skygleam: at 64.7, 79.3 in Azshara 
Elder Skyseer: at 46.4, 51.0 in Thousand Needles 
Elder Starweave: at 49.5, 19.0 in Darkshore 
Elder Stonespire: at 60.1, 49.9 in Winterspring 
Elder Thunderhorn: at 50.4, 76.1 in Un'Goro Crater
Elder Windtotem: at 68.4, 70.0 in Northern Barrens 
Elder Bladeswift: at 39.1, 31.9 in Darnassus 
Elder Darkhorn: at 52.4, 60.0 in Orgrimmar 
Elder Ezra Wheathoof: at 73.0, 23.3 in Thunder Bluff 
Elder Splitrock: at 51.5, 93.7 in Maraudon 
Elder Wildmane: at 42.4, 43.4 in Zul'Farrak
Elder Windsong: at 26, 62 in Mount Hyjal 
Elder Evershade: at 62, 22 in Mount Hyjal
Elder Menkhaf: at 65, 18 in Uldum  
Elder Sekhemi: at 32, 63 in Uldum 


Honoring elders in Eastern Kingdoms for WOW Classic Coin of Ancestry


Elder Bellowrage: at 54.3, 49.5 in Blasted Lands  
Elder Dawnstrider: at 53.6, 24.5 in Burning Steppes  
Elder Goldwell: at 53.9, 49.9 in Dun Morogh  
Elder Graveborn: at 61.9, 53.9 in Tirisfal Glades  
Elder Highpeak: at 50.0, 48.0 in The Hinterlands  
Elder Ironband: at 21.3, 79.1 in Searing Gorge  
Elder Meadowrun: at 63.5, 36.1 in Western Plaguelands  
Elder Moonstrike: at 69.2, 73.5 in Western Plaguelands  
Elder Obsidian: at 45.0, 41.1 in Silverpine Forest  
Elder Rumblerock: at 70.1, 45.4 in Burning Steppes  
Elder Silvervein: at 33.0, 46.0 in Loch Modan  
Elder Skychaser: at 56.6, 47.0 in Westfall  
Elder Snowcrown: at 75.0, 54.0 in Eastern Plaguelands  
Elder Starglade: at 71.0, 34.3 in Northern Stranglethorn  
Elder Stormbrow: at 39.8, 63.7 in Elwynn Forest  
Elder Windrun: at 35.6, 68.8 in Eastern Plaguelands  
Elder Winterhoof: at 39.9, 72.5 in The Cape of Stranglethorn 
Elder Bronzebeard: at 29.0, 16.0 in Ironforge  
Elder Hammershout: at 34.2, 50.6 in Elwynn Forest 
Elder Darkcore: at 67.0, 38.0 in Undercity 
Elder Farwhisper: at 78.6, 21.9 in Stratholme 
Elder Morndeep: at 50.5, 63.0 in Blackrock Depths 
Elder Starsong: at 62.5, 35.1 in Sunken Temple 
Elder Stonefort: at 61.9, 40.5 in Lower Blackrock Spire
Elder Firebeard: at 50, 70 in Twilight Highlands  
Elder Darkfeather: at 51, 33 in Twilight Highlands  
Elder Stonebrand: at 49, 54 in Deepholm  
Elder Deepforge: at 27, 69 in Deepholm 
Elder Moonlance: at 57, 86 in Shimmering Expanse 


Honoring elders in Northrend for WOW Classic Coin of Ancestry


Elder Arp: at 57.3, 43.7 in Borean Tundra  
Elder Beldak: at 60.6, 27.7 in Grizzly Hills  
Elder Bluewolf: at 49.0, 13.9 in Wintergrasp  
Elder Fargal: at 28.9, 73.7 in The Storm Peaks  
Elder Graymane: at 41.2, 84.7 in The Storm Peaks  
Elder Lunaro: at 80.5, 37.1 in Grizzly Hills  
Elder Morthie: at 29.7, 55.9 in Dragonblight  
Elder Muraco: at 64.6, 51.3 in The Storm Peaks  
Elder Northal: at 33.8, 34.4 in Borean Tundra  
Elder Pamuya: at 42.9, 49.6 in Borean Tundra  
Elder Sandrene: at 49.8, 63.0 in Sholazar Basin  
Elder Sardis: at 59.1, 65.6 in Borean Tundra  
Elder Skywarden: at 35.1, 48.3 in Dragonblight  
Elder Stonebeard: at 31.3, 37.6 in The Storm Peaks  
Elder Tauros: at 58.9, 56.0 in Zul'Drak 
Elder Thoim: at 48.8, 78.2 in Dragonblight  
Elder Wanikaya: at 63.8, 49.0 in Sholazar Basin  
Elder Whurain: at 64.2, 47.0 in Grizzly Hills 
Elder Chogan'gada: at 58.0, 35.5 in Utgarde Pinnacle 
Elder Igasho: at 55.0, 66.0 in The Nexus 
Elder Jarten: at 48.3, 72.6 in Utgarde Keep 
Elder Kilias: at 68.9, 80.0 in Drak'Tharon Keep
Elder Nurgen: at 22.5, 45.8 in Azjol-Nerub 
Elder Ohanzee: at 46.6, 61.7 in Gundrak 
Elder Yurauk: at 28.3, 61.5 in Halls of Stone 

Come to collect more WOW Classic Coin of Ancestry with guide above. Besides, please continue to buy WOW Classic gold from us. 


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