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WOW Classic TBC Strongest Class Tier List: Best Classes in The Burning Crusade PVP and PVE

What was the best class in Burning Crusade? What is the strongest PVP class in WoW classic? What was the best DPS class in TBC? What are tge best PVE Class in The Burning Crusade? If you want to know the answer, then you just need to follow this short article!

Best Classes in The Burning Crusade PVP and PVE
One class that is certainly looking forward to WoW Classic TBC is Druid. Druid players have massively expanded options in TBC that let them contend in PVE and PVP environments, with an extra emphasis on PVP success. TBC pushes Balance druids forward by improving the Moonkin experience from the OOMkin woes of Vanilla WoW. Feral (cat) druids also get some extra power in their bleeds (and no debuff cap to hold these back), and are dangerous Arena competitors. Feral (bear) druids are as successful as ever, despite some new tanking competition. And finally, Resto druids are kings in the TBC Arena, and get a huge boost in PVE with the 1 heal over time spell limit removed in the expansion, meaning multiple Rejuvenations can stack.
Druid TBC Ratings: PVE: 4/5 - PVP: 5/5
Hunter & Warlock
Hunters, Warlocks, and Resto Shamans are the cream of the crop in TBC Classic. Beast Mastery Hunters and Destruction Warlocks provide the highest overall damage in the Burning Crusade, while Resto Shamans provide the best healing and top-notch utility. In Classic, we saw the best guilds bring a ton of warriors to maximize damage, and it will be the same with these three classes in TBC. This is especially true for Restoration Shamans, as their healing is incredibly strong and their totems provide some incredible buffs (like Windfury empowering melee attacks).
Hunter TBC Ratings: PVE 5/5 - PVP 3.5/5
Warlock TBC ratings: 5/5 PVE - 3.5/5 PVP
Mages are very strong damage dealers and while they are outshined by Hunters and Warlocks in pure damage, they do provide some necessary utility. This includes things like Arcane Intellect, Polymorph, and even the new ability Spellsteal that is a core mechanic in the Gruul’s Lair raid.
WoW Classic TBC Mage Ratings: PVE 4/5 - PVP 4.5/5
Apart from Warriors, Rogues are one of the strongest melee in the game. They have a rough time leveling, but, even with little gear, they quickly become one of the better single-target specs in the game. Once you get raid gear, you will be topping meters in no time. Just like Warriors, the addition of the top tier weapons from Blackwing Lair, AQ40, and Rank 14 gives Rogues the edge they need to make them one of the dominant DPS specs.
Classic WoW TBC Rogue Ratings: PVE 3/5 - PVP 5/5
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